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What’s on your STOP DOING list?

What’s on your STOP DOING list?

As 2012 fades from view and 2013 prepares to makes it debut, most of us are focused on resolutions – things we want to do in the New Year to improve our life. These TO-DO lists contain everything from health and wellness goals, financial targets, and relationship issues (to name a few).

But what’s on your STOP DOING list? In this insightful blog post, business coach Nathalie Beauchamp highlights a number of issues you may want to add to your list for the new year.

You can read her blog post HERE!

Do you have any other items to suggest for our readers? Make sure to leave your comments here.

Thanks. And Happy New Year from the Breakthrough Coach Team!

Happy New Year from Breakthrough Coach!

Eric Deschamps | Business Coach, Ottawa