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Using DiSC To Increase Your People Skills and Boost Your Bottom Line

Using DiSC To Increase Your People Skills and Boost Your Bottom Line

As a business owner, one of your most critical roles involves building and optimizing your systems. I can’t emphasize that enough, and often drive my coaching clients a little crazy with my friendly “reminders” on this front. I admit it. I’m a “systems” guy through and through, both as a coach and as a practitioner.

But at the end of the day, people run your systems. Without a strong grasp of what makes people tick, your company will never reach its full potential. Finding and keeping the right people is still one of the top challenges most business owners face. People-problems plague most organizations and can cripple even the best business systems. Doesn’t it make sense that improving your people skills should be a high priority as a business owner and professional?

90% of all success comes from your ability to read and understand people

Imagine having a model – a system – to develop the most crucial of all skills: the ability to accurately, efficiently and quickly read and understand people. That’s where a tool like DiSC comes in.

What is DiSC?

People Skills - The 4 DiSC Styles | Breakthrough Coach - Ottawa Business Coach

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DiSC is a universal language of human behaviour. The first personality profile of its kind was developed back in the 1940’s and has been used ever since with millions of people around the world. Its results are over 90% accurate for 97% of the population (regardless of nationality, culture, language, etc.) It defines observable behaviour (how you “show up” to other people) and provides a predictive measure of “how” people do things.

DiSC is foundational to all of our coaching engagements at Breakthrough Coach. We use it to help our clients gain insight into their own behavioural strengths and weaknesses and then develop a  growth plan that will impact their personal and professional results.

What do the letters in DiSC mean?

To start you on your way to understanding the personality styles in the DiSC model, here’s a summary of the four styles and some tips on how to communicate to each one. Remember, you never fit into one category only. It’s usually a mix, with one being more dominant than the others.

Dominance – Getting Things Done!

D-types have a hard-driving, results-oriented, take-no-prisoner style. Feelings are put on the back burner – they just want the job done. Decisions are made quickly so they can move on to the next challenge. When talking to a D, get to the point fast! Social chitchat could make their heads explode. Come prepared to your meeting, give them the details, get out of their way, and let them fly. They’ll get the job done. Their priorities include getting immediate results, taking action, and challenging themselves and others

Influence – Getting Noticed!

For an I-type, the emphasis is on influencing or persuading others. This style of personality is a “party waiting to happen.” They’re impulsive, fun, and they love to be around people. They can be expressive, playful and persuasive, but they can quickly lose focus. Diving straight into a business conversation with lots of details will bore an I-type to death, and they’ll probably stop listening. Make sure they have clear goals with deadlines, so they can keep focused. They are motivated by approval/affirmation, potential for influence and being heard.

Steadiness – Getting Along!

For a S-type, the emphasis is on cooperating with others and getting along. The S has never met a feeling they wanted to hurt. They are always concerned with others and avoid confrontation as if it were a virus. They are loyal, steady and awesome team members. When talking to a S, start with friendly conversation. If you act hostile or pushy, they’ll run the other way, so keep your tone even when dealing with them. When making any changes, give them time to adjust.  S-types are typically patient, humble, team players, calm, and good listeners.

Conscientiousness – Getting Things Right!

C-types work conscientiously to ensure quality and accuracy. The easiest way to make a C happy: give them lots of facts and details. They thrive on them. They know and follow the rules, they’re highly competent and all about business. When talking to a C, get right down to business with lots of facts and figures. Ask for their opinions and give them time to answer. They’re great at developing procedures. Their fears include being wrong, social criticism, and slipshod methods.

People Skills and DiSC

Although it’s not a magic bullet to fix all your people problems, understanding personality styles is a great way to improve your people skills, which are key to your success. Creating a culture of communication is the only way you can really create a winning environment.

DiSC is an easy-to-understand and effective tool to:

  • Build more productive teams and boost your business performance.
  • Deepen your talent pool by developing more effective staff, managers, and leaders.
  • Develop stronger sales skills and improve your customer service experience by identifying and responding to customer styles.
  • Increase your self-awareness as a leader and how to adapt your own style in order to get along better with others (how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems).
  • Foster better teamwork and minimize team conflict (even prevent conflict before it happens
  • Manage more effectively by better understanding your employees and team members.

To view some of the DiSC reports we use with clients, use the download link provided below. The zip file is guaranteed to be virus free and contains three different DiSC reports (DiSC Workplace, DiSC Management, and DiSC Sales).

Download zip file containing sample DiSC reports we use with our coaching clients!Click here to download free DiSC Sample Reports

To find out more about how DiSC can help you improve your people skills and boost your bottom line, contact us today!

Eric Deschamps | Ottawa Business Coach

Eric DeschampsBusiness Coach Ottawa

Founder/President of Breakthrough Coach

“Helping others succeed has always been my passion. There is no greater feeling in the world than coming alongside someone and empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams.” I work with individuals with a single and simple purpose: to help them define and attain their goals, one step at a time. Through the coaching relationship, I help business owners and professionals achieve more by delivering world-class growth strategies, tools and advice individually tailored to each owner and his/her business.