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Thinking Partners or Echo Chambers

A fantastic model of collaboration: thinking partners who aren’t echo chambers. ~Margaret Heffernan I often listen to Ted Talks in the car while driving. It is a great way to feed and stimulate my mind as I travel back and forth to various locations. Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to Margaret Heffernan’s talk, “Dare to Disagree.” Her presentation resonated deeply within me. Here are some highlights (but PLEASE do yourself a favour and make sure to watch the entire presentation… it’s only 13 minutes long!) “[For constructive conflict,] we have to resist the neurobiological drive which means that we really prefer people mostly like ourselves.” “The truth won’t set us free — until we develop the skills and the habit and the talent and the moral courage to use it.” “If we aren’t going to be afraid of conflict, we have to see it as thinking.” “So how do organizations think? Well, for the most part, they don’t. And that isn’t because they don’t want to, it’s really...

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What’s on your STOP DOING list?

As 2012 fades from view and 2013 prepares to makes it debut, most of us are focused on resolutions – things we want to do in the New Year to improve our life. These TO-DO lists contain everything from health and wellness goals, financial targets, and relationship issues (to name a few). But what’s on your STOP DOING list? In this insightful blog post, business coach Nathalie Beauchamp highlights a number of issues you may want to add to your list for the new year. You can read her blog post HERE! Do you have any other items to suggest for our readers? Make sure to leave your comments here. Thanks. And Happy New Year from the Breakthrough Coach Team! Eric Deschamps | Business Coach,...

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Are you chained to your business? Part 2

In our last blog post, we pointed you to Part 1 of a great article, “Do you own your business or does it own you?” Authored by my friend and colleague, Jon Denney (President of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance), Part 1 highlighted the kind of changes necessary to find the freedom you are looking for in your business. This week, we are proud to have Jon bring us Part 2 as a guest blogger on our site. It is filled with helpful insights and action steps you can begin taking now to build the kind of business you have always dreamed of. Please feel free to share this insightful piece with your networks. Enjoy! Eric Deschamps | Business Coach, Ottawa   Do you own your business, or does it own you? Part 2 by Jon Denney Last week, I introduced 27 crucial questions that all need to be answered if you are going to build your business by design. But if you don’t have time to find the...

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Are you chained to your business?

Can you remember the day you decided to launch into the sea of opportunity and start your own business? Maybe you were tired of “working for the man” and you envisioned building your own company where you would make more money, gain more free time, and have greater control over your destiny… Yet fast forward a few years later and the picture is often tells a very different story. Working longer hours and making less money than you were making on the job, you feel tired, disillusioned, and frustrated. Things have not turned out the way you first envisioned them. If this is your current reality, then you’re not alone. Myriads of business owners around the world feel and share your pain. The good news is that it’s not too late to turn things around and build a better future for you, your business, and your family. Check out the following post entitled “Do you own your business or does it own you?” on the Professional Business Coaches Alliance...

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You’re Such A Know It All

Learning is remembering. (Socrates) Have you ever tried to tell a teenager … anything? I have two daughters over the age of 14, and sometimes it amazes me just how much they know … or at least, think they know. It’s as if children hit a certain age and suddenly their parents know very little and they have life all figured out. Then, later in life, we come back to the place where we wonder if we really know anything at all. But what if teenagers have it right. What if we do know it all? Okay, maybe not when we are fifteen, but what if there comes a point in our lives when we actually do know everything we need to know? Let me suggest that if you are over the age of 40, then you’re likely there. You probably know everything you need to know. Robert Fulghum believes you learned everything you need to know before you began Grade One. In 2004, Fulghum wrote the book, All I Really...

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