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What Would You Do? Workplace Policies

Over the past week a well known Ottawa company has been embroiled in controversy with some employees. The battle has made it to the local headlines and has caused debate around water coolers across the city. The issue is over tattoos and whether or not employees must keep them hidden from public view. The employees argue that it’s unfair to ask them to wear long-sleeved shirts during the hot summer weather. The company argues that their workplace policy clearly states that tattoos must be covered at all times and the employees agreed to do so when they were hired. It’s easy to argue both sides. In fact, when I ask entrepreneurs what they think, I hear support for both the company and the workers. Many business owners are at a loss as to how they would respond if faced with a similar issue. The conversation usually turns to workplace policies and how they should be implemented within a company’s culture. Do you have an employee manual? Does it clearly...

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Set Yourself Free with Strong Business Systems!

Do you feel chained to your business? Are your team members performing repetitive tasks with no real consistency? Do you feel like you’re spending far too much time on trivial business issues instead of focusing on what matters most? If you answered yes to any of those questions, it is time you addressed your business systems. As business coaches, we are big fans of systems! Business systemization can be a long and sometimes difficult process however, but the end result is worth the effort as it will save you time, money and resources in the long run. Systemizing your business can free you from the tedious and often overwhelming tasks associated with the day to day operations of your business.  How? Business systemization ensures that every aspect of your business is standardized so that it can run effectively and efficiently without constant supervision and potentially even without you. What’s the big deal with business systems anyway? Business systemization operates under the premise that a business should function as if...

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