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Position Yourself to Beat the Odds!

Position Yourself to Beat the Odds!

Are you…

  • Running a successful business or is your business running you?
  • Working too hard and earning too little?
  • Spending too much time in your business and not enough with your family?
  • Frustrated that you aren’t making the kind of progress you had hoped for?
  • Anxious about taking time off because your business can’t run well without you?
  • Unclear about how to take your business to the next level?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the preceding questions, you’re not alone. Business owners everywhere struggle with these and many other issues. They feel STUCK and don’t know how to overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. Others know what they need to do to move forward, but for one reason or another, find themselves unable to take the necessary steps.

The reality is that the odds are stacked against business owners. Every year, thousands of businesses fail in Canada. Look at these statistics…


Small Business Stats in Canada:

  • Largest number of new Canadian small businesses established in one year: Approximately 115,000 in 2005.
  • Smallest number of new small businesses established in one year: Approximately 90,000 in 2002.
  • Largest number of small businesses that disappeared in a single year: Approximately 100,000 in 2006
  • Net average of small businesses established from 2002 to 2007: 15,000
(Source: Statistics Canada)


Not very encouraging for anyone thinking of launching their own business. In the US  there are 544,000 bankruptcies annually. That’s 1,490 each day, 62 each hour, more than 1 every minute. In about the time it took you to read this, another business closed its doors. 85% of all new businesses fold within the first 5 years. Why? Because most entrepreneurs fail to plan, focus, delegate, and create the necessary systems to create and sustain growth. As a result, they suffer from fatigue, burn-out, and lack of sustainable income.

Remember: behind every failed business lie the shattered dreams and aspirations of an owner who had hoped for a very different outcome. The impact on the owner and his/her family can often be quite devastating. Stress, marital conflict, financial pressure, and depression are just a sampling of the symptoms business owners share. Far too many well-intentioned people end up as another statistic. The odds got the better of them. It doesn’t have to be this way!

At Breakthrough Coach, we are passionate about business and even more passionate about the people who run them! In my eBook – Turbocharge Your Business Now! – I cover principles that can help you beat the odds and get better results, period! You will learn strategies that you can implement today to start turning your business around and build the kind of life you have always envisioned. Whether your enterprise is struggling, or you are doing well and simply seeking to improve your operations, we can help! Simply sign up for our e-newsletter HERE and we will send you a FREE copy of this great resource, along with regular emails containing valuable tips to help you get better results in your business.

Don’t let your business become another statistic. Position yourself to beat the odds and build a great company! And remember this…


Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.


Eric Deschamps | Business Coach, Ottawa

Eric DeschampsBusiness Coach Ottawa

Founder/President of Breakthrough Coach

“Helping others succeed has always been my passion. There is no greater feeling in the world than coming alongside someone and empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams.” I work with individuals with a single and simple purpose: to help them define and attain their goals, one step at a time. Through the coaching relationship, I help business owners and professionals achieve more by delivering world-class growth strategies, tools and advice individually tailored to each owner and his/her business.