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Business Coaching Services We Offer

A Coaching Program Tailored For Your Needs

Enhance your leadership. Increase your performance. Get the results you’ve always wanted. Period.

A coaching solution that's right for you!There is no cookie cutter approach to success. Every business is different. We have a coaching solution that’s right for you. Move your business forward and improve your quality of life. We can show you how.

  • Earn higher revenues.
  • Gain added freedom.
  • Take more time off.
  • Have greater peace of mind.

Top performers in all walks of life understand the value of a coach to empower them to play at the top of their game. As a small business owner, you need a business coach with proven systems, strategies and tools to help you perform at your best and get the results you’ve always wanted. You need a Breakthrough Coach.

At Breakthrough Coach, we care about you and your business. We will help you achieve your goals, one step at a time. You will achieve measurable and sustainable results. You will get control of your time and enjoy the life you envisioned when you went into business for yourself in the first place. With our help, you will get the business breakthrough you’ve been longing for.

Keep reading to find out which of our coaching solutions is a best fit for your particular needs!

Breakthrough Personal Business Coaching

Who seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life. ~ The Chicago Tribune

Get more out of your life and business!As far as we’re concerned, individual coaching is the fastest and most effective way to improve your business. You will meet with your Breakthrough Coach regularly to assess your business thoroughly, strategize the best way forward to get maximum results, and execute your action plan with focus and determination (and of course the support of your coach).

The frequency of your meetings with your coach depends on the plan you select (we have plans to meet every budget). All business evaluations, leadership/personality assessments, and industry benchmarking are included. You also receive unlimited telephone and e-mail coaching support.

Breakthrough Group Coaching

Experience the synergy and momentum of group coaching led by an experienced coach!

Experience the power of group coaching with Breakthrough Coach!Our Breakthrough Group Coaching program combines business coaching, accountability, networking, business effectiveness training, and Masterminding all into one experience. Meeting monthly for two hours, our program brings together a small group of successful business people and a professional coach who work, on a confidential basis, to evaluate and solve each other’s business problems.

You’ll evaluate the state of your business, understand your unique leadership behaviour styles, understand the best practices of other successful businesses, confidentially brainstorm with fellow business owners to solve problems, confidentially work in teams and with partners to develop plans for improvement, follow-up with fellow business owners to insure plans get implemented, and last but certainly not least… see radical results in your business!

To find out more about our highly impactful, cost-effective group coaching program CLICK HERE.

Breakthrough Consulting, Training, and Seminars

Consulting… Training… Speaking engagements… Our team of experienced coaches has it covered!

Go from stuck to unstoppable!As trusted advisors, we offer our clients honest, thoughtful and experienced advice. Whenever our clients have a major strategic or operational need or organizational challenge, we are a phone call away. At times, there is a pressing issue which needs attention. We are here to help you!

We can provide consulting/training services in areas such as: Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Management, etc. We can also provide group training and seminars designed to help you address areas of concern or desired growth in your organization. With over 50+ years of training/speaking experience between them, our coaches can help you get the results you want!

Business Breakthrough Evaluations & Benchmarking

How does your business measure up? Make the switch from hunches to metrics using our Breakthrough assessments and strategic planning tools!

How does your business measure up?Our Business Breakthrough Evaluation is designed to help business owners “measure” the effectiveness of their leadership and their business in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, business systems, strategic planning, succession planning, financial management, leadership and work/life balance. This evaluation is a part of every Breakthrough Personal Coaching plan and is used to determine areas of strength and weakness in a business. It is also available as a stand-alone service.

How does your business rate?With Fintel financial analysis/benchmarking, learn how you compare to others in your industry in the key indicators of sales, costs, profits, employee productivity and more. Discover if you have enough cash to pay next year’s loans. Develop strategies to increase profit, cash, growth and value of your business. Finally, find out how this all increases your probability for success.

Leadership & Personality Assessments

Lead better teams. Reduce employee turnover. Improve all of your personal and professional relationships.

Extended DISC is a personal behaviour style analysis used by all of our coaches with their clients. It is a self-assessment questionnaire that identifies personal style strengths and development areas. The online questionnaire takes only 10 minutes to complete and results are ready within minutes. It will offer specific information to help you and your employees make better decisions that will improve your bottom line.

Extended DISC is provided for the business owner with every Breakthrough Personal Coaching plan. Additional DISC profiles for employees are available upon request and also as a stand-alone service. Make sure to ask us how our DISC Seminars can help improve your team’s performance!