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Stand Out From the Crowd – A Marketing Seminar

A Business Breakthrough Seminar on Strategic Marketing

The following video highlights and pictures were captured at a recent Business Breakthrough Seminar, “Stand Out from the Crowd!” (See below for seminar information and testimonials from participants.)

Marketing. The word is met with mixed feelings. Most business owners and professionals understand the critical importance of marketing their products and services. It’s the only way to survive in today’s competitive market. As a matter of fact, the business that considers itself immune to the necessity for marketing sooner or later finds itself immune to business!

The problem? Most people don’t know how to promote their products and services properly and as a direct result aren’t getting a good return on investment for their advertising dollars. Marketing is viewed as an expense – a necessary evil – instead of an investment. Frustrated and more than a little skeptical, businesses continue to pour money into tactics and approaches that just don’t seem to work! Sound familiar?

This eye-opening seminar is designed to help you evaluate and transform your marketing approach. You will learn principles that are PROVEN to get results that are 300% better than traditional methods! Are you ready for a marketing breakthrough in your business?

What’s in it for you? This strategic seminar will help you…

  • Increase your revenues and bottom line profits (in other words, MAKE MORE MONEY!)
  • Stop wasting money on advertising and promotional strategies that don’t get results!
  • Attract more customers to your products and services with magnetic messaging!
  • Stay “top of mind” with your customers so that they buy from you more and refer friends and family more often!
  • Make your business stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive marketplace!
  • Improve and accelerate growth in your business through effective, results-driven marketing!

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What People Are Saying About the Seminar…

Paul Pepin
Paul Pepin Capital Mortgages
Many small businesses languish in the day-to-day routine. Just attending the free Breakthrough Coach seminars will help get you out of that routine and moving towards a more dynamic and productive business experience. Make your day a better one.
Jean Richer
Jean Richer Keller Williams Realty
It was the first seminar I attended by Breakthrough Coach and it was excellent. A lot of great and useful information that can be implemented into my business. Great work and I would highly recommend for any business owner to attend!
Jules Hilliker
Jules Hilliker
As the owner of a small business with a young family I am always challenged to find the time to network and learn more about how to improve. The seminar was perfect! I learned more in two hours with Breakthrough Coach than I have in the five years I have been working on my own. The information was relevant and interesting and presented in an energetic and dynamic format. I felt all of the speakers were very passionate about what they were sharing and I believe that working with them will make my business be more successful than I ever thought possible!
Claude Brazeau
Claude Brazeau Claude Brazeau Photography
This was the first time I attended a Breakthrough Coach event and I really enjoyed the experience. I particularly enjoyed the fact they had three people giving the seminar. It made it very dynamic, with a lot of interaction. There were a lot of opportunities for the attendees to engage and participate: by asking questions, commenting, giving their opinions, etc. The three coaches are very knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. I learned a lot in just one evening despite having been at many similar events over the years. This was very dynamic and well worth the time spent. I hope to have more opportunities to attend their events in the future.
Julie Desjardins
Julie Desjardins Desjardins Psychotherapy
Great team of professionals who know how to coach their clients and businesses. They provide great feedback and ideas for modifying and increasing our companies. Great seminar!
Aimee Dupuis
Aimee Dupuis Stratis Marketing
Whether you’ve been in business for six days or six decades, you will learn something new and important to help your business grow when you attend a Breakthrough Coach Business Seminar!
Jennifer Cross
Jennifer Cross Juniper Lane Home
The content of the seminar was amazingly simple but if applied properly could bring about immediate results. I often go to seminars and take notes but I’ve never been encouraged to take a moment at each step and makes notes on how the point we were discussing applied to MY business. That unique difference is what made the most impact on my being able to retain and put into practice the ideas that were presented.
Donna Roney
Donna Roney Great River Media
As an advertising sales rep, I meet many businesses who do not understand how their clients and prospects perceive them. I will be using much of what I learned to work with my clients. I not only received a taste of what Breakthrough Coach can provide a business, but went away with actual tools!