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How to Ask Your Way to a Business Breakthrough!

A Business Breakthrough Seminar on Strategic Thinking

The following video highlights and pictures were captured at a recent Business Breakthrough Seminar, “How to Ask Your Way to a Business Breakthrough.” (See below for seminar information and testimonials from participants.)

Today’s effective leader knows that true wisdom isn’t demonstrated by having all the answers, but rather by asking the right questions. A person dedicated to leading a highly effective organization understands how powerful the right questions can be in unleashing true innovation, unearthing the best ideas, and unveiling genuine “wisdom.”

Asking the right questions on a regular basis to evaluate your business performance is crucial to sustained and steady growth. Yet many business owners are so stuck working IN their business that they are not working ON their business. As a result, they fall prey to “business insanity” – doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results every time. Isn’t it time for a different approach? Are you ready for a breakthrough in your business?

This eye-opening seminar is designed to help you look at your business from a strategic point of view. We will help you determine action steps that could transform your organization! You will learn three powerful questions that you can ask to revolutionize your personal and professional life!

What’s in it for you? This strategic planning seminar will help you…

  • Stop wasting money, time and energy in areas of your business that aren’t productive
  • Improve and accelerate growth in your business through strategic planning
  • Make better business decisions based on real-time information that matters
  • Identify strategies and tactics that can significantly increase your bottom line
  • Learn from recent wins and losses and leverage them for greater success
  • Deploy a simple yet powerful strategic planning strategy guaranteed to help you win

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What People Are Saying About the Seminar…

Mike Courneya
Mike Courneya Bronson Johnson Seamless Eavestroughs
After the seminar, I woke up at 2:30 am with ideas I never had before! I couldn’t get back to sleep and the result is a paradigm shift in the way I currently run my business!
Curd Hos
Curd Hos Hostyle Conditioning
Everybody in every aspect of life and business needs a coach and a mentor. Eric and his Breakthrough Coach team are a valueable asset to me and my business. Felt it from meeting #1!
Elaine Lindsay
Elaine Lindsay TROOLSocial
The Breakthrough Coach Seminar I attended was filled with great actionable tools, for me to implement in my business right away. Loved the team presentation! I found each of you to be dynamic and engaging. Well done!
Jacquie Bushell
Jacquie Bushell Oriana Financial
Learning can be fun! Goal setting doesn’t have to be hard. Pick a target and hammer a stake in the ground! This is what you will receive: a clear path that you are guided to walk down.

Sarah Meharg
Sarah Meharg Social Media Icon
Everyone needs mentors, whether we have a business or not, yet the top business leaders are often too busy to offer mentoring in the traditional way. It just makes sense that we need to include mentoring and coaching in our business planning cycle – but how? Breakthrough Coach is making coaching available to everyone with their seminars, affordable coaching groups, and 1-on-1 programs. Now we can all get the mentoring we need to take our lives to the next level – where we belong! I encourage everyone to attend one of the introductory seminars – huge value for a very low risk!